Counting with coins

In Chloe’s room, we keep a piggy bank. And when we have leftover coins, we put them in together. She gets so excited for it.
Chloe is a pretty good counter considering she just turned 2 in July. She can count to about 12, although she often forgets 8. I decided a good way to practice counting while learning new words would be by counting up her coins.

I dumped out her coins onto the floor and let her touch them all.

Then, we started sorting the coins. I told her the names : nickels, dimes and quarters.
We laid the dimes in rows of 10, so we had to practice counting to 10 several times.

We rolled up the coins so that we can go take them into the bank. Chloe needed to help at that part too.

In the end, we rolled $17 worth of coins.

I’ll have to keep putting coins in her piggy bank because she loved this activity and will be excited to do it again!

Money saving vegetable stock

A few months ago, I was looking at a recipe that required vegetable broth. I felt kind of dumb because I had never used or made vegetable broth and didn’t know how to make it. I had made chicken and turkey stock many times before, but not vegetable.

On Pinterest, I found a really interesting post about vegetable stock. It says to keep a bag in your freezer for all your vegetable scraps. Once your bag is full, make stock from those veggies. I think that is such a good idea since those things would have just been put into the organics bin (at our house) or the garbage.
I wasn’t sure what vegetables, other than the ones I use for my other stocks, would be good to use. This post also talks about good vegetables to use and ones not to use. I did use some of the ones on the do not use list, like a very small amount of cabbage and broccoli. My vegetable stock is usually used for making quinoa or soups and I haven’t noticed a strong flavor.
My freezer bag full of vegetable scraps.

The scraps in the pot with the water. I think I boiled mine for about two hours on low.

And finally, the product.

I also want to point out that I don’t do the last step of straining through mesh. I’m fine with the small amount of sediment.
I make vegetable stock probably once a month now. And I don’t have to buy vegetables specifically for making stock.