Fall trees

Fall is such a pretty time of year. When the weather is nice, it’s great to get outside and enjoy the beauty of it. I’ve been trying to do activities that involve the colours and leaves in some way.
Since Chloe loves to paint, I decided to do a leaf project that involved her painting (more).

On the first day we worked on this activity, I had fall colour paints out and ready to use. I gave Chloe a piece of paper and had her paint one colour and then mix a bit with one other colour. We did 4 separate pages like this.



Of course that was not enough painting for her, so I let her mix up and paint with the leftover paint when we were done.

I let the pages dry overnight since Chloe often paints the same spot over and over. When they were dry, I drew leaf shapes on to the painted parts and cut them out.


At this point, Chloe was itching to get her hands on the leaves.
The next step I did was cut out a tree trunk out of brown construction paper and glue it down onto a piece of white paper.

We used a glue stick and at first, I put glue on the leaves and gave them to Chloe to place on the tree.


This only lasted a short period of time. Chloe made it very clear that she needed to do it “all by my self!”
So, she would glue them, and then I would add more glue and she would place them.


This is what it looked like when we were finished.

I absolutely love it. It is on my mantle. I see more projects like this in our future!


Paper crowns

The other day, we were having a lazy morning and watching Mickey Mouse. In the episode, Mickey and Minnie make paper crowns. I asked Chloe if she would like to make paper crowns too. Of course she said yes and ran to our craft area before I could even blink.
To make the crowns (because yes, I had to make one for myself), I grabbed yellow construction paper and drew a crown.

I then cut it out and traced it on to the construction paper. Once both pieces were cut out, I let Chloe decorate the pieces.


With a few pieces of tape, I adhered the crown together. Chloe was very excited.

Then I proceeded to repeat the steps to make myself a crown. I just used the scraps so it wasn’t as nice as Chloe’s.

Chloe wore this crown all day. She even napped in it. I never knew something so easy and simple could be used the whole day. She also insisted that I wear it all day… Which I didn’t really want to do, but I did anyway since it made her so happy.
When Chloe went to bed, I put the crowns away, figuring we could pull them out in a few days. I knew she would want to spend the entire next day in a crown again.
Maybe tomorrow we’ll dress up with the crowns again.

Plastic bag painting

In an attempt to have less mess when painting with my daughter, I decided to try putting paint into a plastic freezer bag with some paper and let my daughter at it. I was inspired by Kayla Aimee .
I cut two hearts out of paper, and two rectangles.

I started with the two hearts, and put pink, red, white and blue paint in the bag.

Big surprise, the first thing Chloe did was try to open the bag. All I had to tell her was not to open the bag and she stopped (surprising!).

To be honest, this is something I tried when Chloe had just turned one, except without the paper inside. She didn’t really know what to do when I tried it the first time. This time, I showed her a bit. She wasn’t that interested at first. The more I showed her, the more she did herself.


The end result was quite pretty. But, both sides of the paper had paint on it. I placed it on a cut up cereal box, and of course, the hearts stuck to it. But I think I’ll just cut them out and then they will be more sturdy.

I was hoping to do the rectangles as well, all on the same day. But, I wanted to use different colours, so I washed the freezer bag out (I’m too cheap to dirty a second one) and had to let it dry before I reused it. By the time the bag was dry, I was busy doing other things and had lost interest.
I think both Chloe and I would prefer the messy version of painting. That being said, this was an interesting activity that lots of kids really do enjoy. And I honestly figured mine would, since she doesn’t appreciate getting her hands dirty… On to the next activity!

What painting activities do you like to do with kids?