Hoisin Asian meatballs

This is another post from a recipe from damn delicious. If you have spent any time on that blog, you know why I’m frequently trying her dishes!

I made these meatballs for a weeknight dinner. We had steamed coconut buns and stir fried veggies to go with them.

To make the meatballs, you put the ground beef into a bowl with the sesame oil, panko, ginger, egg and garlic. I didn’t have green onions and didn’t think that warranted a trip to the grocery store (don’t make this same error- get the green onions!).

After the meat is all mixed up, the meatballs are formed. Mine were a bit bigger than the recipes.

While the meatballs cook in the oven, the sauce is made. All that is required is to combine the hoisin, rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic and ginger. I doubled the recipe and used some for my veggies too.

When the meatballs come out of the oven, they are served and topped with the sauce. The recipe also says to garnish with green onion. See above.


Although it doesn’t look that pretty, this was an incredibly tasty meal!



Broccoli chicken casserole

The weather here has been cool and damp lately. Which is why I’ve been making soups and comfort food more than usual.

Usually, I don’t like making things that require packaged food like dip mixes or cans of soup. But this casserole sounded too delicious to not make because of a can of soup!

The recipe is pretty simple. The only thing that takes time is the prep.
I started out by cooking my chicken. I used chicken breast and cut it into bit size pieces after it was cooked.

At the same time, I cooked up the rice.

Next came cutting up the broccoli into bite sized pieces.


And all that needs to be done after that is put the chicken, can of cream of chicken soup, rice, grated cheese and mayonnaise into the dish and mix it up.

The crushed corn flakes are sprinkled over top and the melted butter is then drizzled over. Then into the oven for half an hour.


Once the 30 minutes are up, out comes the casserole. I had my friend and her daughter over for lunch that day, and her daughter gobbled it up faster than I’ve ever seen her eat!

This dish was very tasty! And pure comfort food. Plus, you are sneaking in broccoli! Yum!

Baked Coconut shrimp

Coconut shrimp is one of my favorite things! Yum! So, when I saw a recipe for coconut shrimp from skinny taste, I knew I wanted to make it.
The steps are pretty simple. First, you assemble all the dishes for coating the shrimp. The coconut flakes, panko and salt are combined in a bowl. I put the flour on a small plate. And I whisked the egg in a small bowl.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have uncooked shrimp, so I had to use cooked shrimp instead. I dipped the shrimp in the flour, making sure it was coated, then I dipped it into the egg and dropped it into the coconut mixture.

Once all the shrimp were done, they baked in an oven for 10 minutes on one side, and about 6 on the other.


For the dipping sauce, the recipe called for apricot preserves, rice wine vinegar and red pepper flakes. But, in my fridge, I already had apricot chili jam. So, I added a bit of rice wine vinegar to it and used it as the sauce.


The dipping sauce was okay. I prefer store bought sweet chili sauce over this dipping sauce though. A piña colada sauce would go great with this shrimp as well!

Kale frittata

Once again we opted to have breakfast for dinner. This time we decided to try a kale frittata. It was another recipe you just need to throw together and let it cook. Just my style!

It starts with the onions and oil in a pot.


While the onions cook, the eggs are whisked together with salt, pepper and Parmesan.


Once the onions are cooked, the coarsely chopped kale is added and wilted in 3 batches.


Next, the salami is added into the pot.

After about a minute, the egg mixture is poured in. Then the frittata is left to cook.

The recipe suggests cooking the frittata for about 4 minutes. I found that mine took a few more minutes.
Then, it is put in the oven on broil. Once again, the recipe suggests a minute on broil, but mine needed about 5-7 to fully cook.

My husband thought this was pretty good. Personally, I found there to be a bit too much kale. It was tasty but I would have preferred less kale. Chloe seemed to think the frittata was okay. She had about half of her piece. To be honest, that’s more than I thought she would eat.

Breakfast: it’s what’s for dinner

Every once in a while, we like to change things up at dinner time and have breakfast instead!
We had a bunch of odds and ends in out fridge that needed to be used up, so I figured it was omelette time.

For our omelettes, I cut up some deli meat (turkey), red pepper, mushroom and tomato.

Unfortunately I forgot to add fresh spinach and basil from our garden. Basil and eggs go together so well!

Anyway, I made a two egg omelette for Chloe and I to share. I whisked up the eggs, added salt and pepper and put them into a pan. I forgot my non-stick pan isn’t so non-stick anymore. Should have added oil… So it didn’t look the prettiest in the end.
I put the ingredients on and added some cheddar cheese.

To top it all off, I cooked up some bacon for the side.


I’m not big into eggs. Sometimes they hurt my stomach. But every once in a while, I really enjoy having them.

Do you ever have breakfast for dinner?

Spinach and chicken pasta bake

I’ve been eyeing up this recipe on Pinterest for a while now. I decided it had been a while since we had a pasta bake so I put it on my meal plan this week.

I started by cooking the chicken and putting it off to the side.


Next, I started boiling the water for the pasta.
While the water was warming up, I cooked the onions in a pan.

Then I added the cream cheese and stirred it occasionally until it melted. The recipe called for flavored cream cheese but I just used plain.

After the cream cheese was melted and mixed with the onions, I added the sour cream, milk, Parmesan, mozzarella, salt and pepper. I did not put the red pepper flakes in.

Once everything was mixed together and the pasta was cooked, I put all the ingredients into a large bowl for mixing.


I put the mixture into a greased casserole dish, topped with mozzarella, and threw it into the oven.

As good as this looks, it tasted even better. Matt loved it! And it’s a given that Chloe loved it because it’s pasta. We are adding this recipe to our weeknight favorites.

Beef stroganoff

On Saturday, I had my friend Shannon and her daughter over for dinner. I decided to try a recipe from gimme some oven for beef stroganoff. It is something I have never made from scratch before.
Before Shannon came over, I prepped all the ingredients so that I would only have to do the cooking while she was over.

The recipe calls for a pound of mushrooms, but I didn’t have quite that amount. And of course I looked at my bag of egg noodles right before I started cooking and realized we were going to need more. My husband, Matt, offered to grab more from the store. He came home with a kind of egg noodle, but not the kind that typically goes with stroganoff (see last picture). In the end, it made no difference to any of us.

I’m glad I did some of the work before she came because I got caught up in talking and made a few errors that luckily didn’t change the outcome.
I cooked up all the beef, sautéed the onions and then added the mushrooms and garlic.

Instead of white wine, I opted for the beef broth to deglaze the pan. I’m sure white wine would have been yummy though.
After that, I added the rest of the ingredients to make the sauce and then added the beef back in.

The verdict? Every plate, including both 21 month old girls, were completely clear. Um, I’d call that a success!!

Not only was the recipe delicious, but it was also easy and fed 4 adults and 2 toddlers. What more could you ask for?!

What did you have for dinner?