Zucchini pizza

I’ve seen this zucchini crust pizza floating around on Pinterest a lot. I had also heard lots of good reviews but just never got around to making it.

Well, I finally decided to try it. It’s really quite simple to make.
I grated my zucchini and mixed it with two eggs.

I then stirred the flour and salt in and spread out the mixture on a pizza stone.


The recipe said to bake the crust for 8 minutes, which I did. The crust didn’t look done at that point but I decided to follow the recipe. At this point, I should have left the crust in the oven until it looked more cooked. My pizza was soggy in the end.

I chose to use whatever I had in my fridge for toppings, instead of going to the store to get what was in the recipe.

The pizza spent 20 minutes in the oven but still wasn’t quite done, so I left it in for a few more minutes. It still was soggy in the middle. Thus the note before about cooking the crust longer!


Although the crust was soggy in the middle, it was still tasty. My 2 year old even ate a piece and a half. I will definitely be making this again!

Feel free to comment!

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