Garlic butter shrimp and quinoa

I’ve made this recipe a few times but never blogged about it. It’s time now to share this delicious meal. The recipe is from pinch of yum.

The recipe starts out with sautéing the onion, then adding the garlic, quinoa and chili powder.


The broth is added and the quinoa is cooked for about 20 minutes.


While the quinoa is cooking, the shrimp is cooked in butter with chili powder. Right before the shrimp is done cooking, garlic is added to the pan. (Note: I had some raw shrimp and some cooked shrimp, so I cooked my raw first and added the cooked halfway through)


The sh

The shrimp is put off to the side and the butter sauce is made in the same pan. The remaining butter is melted and the garlic is added. And the sauce is done!

Once the quinoa was done, I added the shrimp and all of the butter sauce and mixed it all up. I didn’t bother with the parsley as I didn’t have any. Once served into bowls, I added some lemon juice. My 2 year old loves this dish. And although it’s made with butter, it’s actually fairly healthy.


Feel free to comment!

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