Freebies for babies

Before we even begin here, let me state that I’m NOT pregnant. In case this post suggests that I am.

Recently, a friend of mine suggested that I write a post about all the free items you can get while you are pregnant or when you have a baby. My daughter turned two in the summer, so I had to think back a ways!
And it’s funny. I just counted how many women I know that are pregnant. There are at least 7!

Anyway, on to the good stuff.

Nestlé baby:
This was the best freebie package I received when I was pregnant. Mine included a pack of diapers, powder formula, premixed formula, a diaper bag, information booklet, a bottle, and coupons. Depending on when you sign up for this, you get different things. I also received emails frequently, with information about my developing baby.

To sign up with nestle baby, click here
The website has a lot of useful information as well. Whether you formula feed or not. Whether you are pregnant or have had your baby already.


While my daughter was an infant, I ended up needing to use formula. This is the brand that worked best for my daughter. They send coupons for money off of formula. They also send samples of powder formula and information on your ever changing baby.
Click here to sign up with Similac.


This company will send you a sample of powder formula as well as information on your baby. I’ve heard many people recommend this brand if you are needing to formula feed, although if did not use it.
To sign up, click here.


Babies R us:
I registered with them ( in store ) and received a bag full of goodies. It’s worth it to do a registry with them, even if people don’t buy you items from there.

Now, some people when they are pregnant think that they won’t need formula, so they don’t sign up with the companies. I think it is still a good idea to sign up for a couple of reasons:
1) there are a lot of other perks like free gear and useful information

2) a lot of people who use formula never planned on needing it. Like me. It was nice having the samples to see what worked best. If you don’t end up needing it, great! But then donate it to someone who does. Formula is expensive!

One other freebie to sign up for is the safety latch from P&G. You’ll be glad you got this when all of a sudden your baby becomes mobile!

Do you know of any other freebies available for pregnant women, new moms and babies?

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