Chicken pot pie crumble

When I think about my childhood and comfort food, I think about chicken pot pie. This recipe I found is the same comfort without all the shell of the pie. Although this recipe is a lot more complicated than I usually like, it is a good recipe for a cold day. A good recipe to make on occasion.

The recipe starts out with making the crumble. The flour, baking powder, salt, pepper and cayenne are all combined in a bowl.

Then, the chilled butter is added in and mixed until coarse.

Next, the Parmesan and milk are added and mixed in. I found my dough quite sticky so I used my hands to make little pieces that I put on a cookie sheet.


While the crumble pieces cooked, the chicken is simmered in chicken broth until cooked.
Once the crumble pieces are done, they are put off to the side.


The next step is to make the filling. It starts with cooking the vegetables in a pot until tender.

While the veggies cook, the chicken is cut up into bite sized pieces. When the vegetables are done, they are added to the plate with the chicken.

In the same pot, butter is melted and flour is added.

After about a minute, the chicken broth from earlier on, and the milk is whisked in and brought to a simmer until the sauce thickens.

The next step is to remove it from heat and add in the chicken, cooked vegetables and peas and stir until combined.

The mixture is topped with the crumble pieces and put into the oven on 400 degrees until the top starts turning brown and the sauce is bubbling.

Finally, after all of this, the recipe is complete. And believe me, it’s worth it! It was pretty tasty!

What are your go-to comfort dishes?

4 thoughts on “Chicken pot pie crumble

  1. Glad you liked it! Definitely time/effort intensive, but pure comfort food when it’s done! Sometimes I skip the last step (heating it in the oven) and just heat the sauce until bubbling and cook the biscuits until nice and crisp. Then I just throw the biscuits on top and call it good! 😉

  2. Oh gosh this looks so inviting, warming on a cold day! My comfort food is definitely my moms home made Mac & cheese it’s more sweet then it is sharp & it’s just the best when I want some comfort food yuuuum!

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