Kale frittata

Once again we opted to have breakfast for dinner. This time we decided to try a kale frittata. It was another recipe you just need to throw together and let it cook. Just my style!

It starts with the onions and oil in a pot.


While the onions cook, the eggs are whisked together with salt, pepper and Parmesan.


Once the onions are cooked, the coarsely chopped kale is added and wilted in 3 batches.


Next, the salami is added into the pot.

After about a minute, the egg mixture is poured in. Then the frittata is left to cook.

The recipe suggests cooking the frittata for about 4 minutes. I found that mine took a few more minutes.
Then, it is put in the oven on broil. Once again, the recipe suggests a minute on broil, but mine needed about 5-7 to fully cook.

My husband thought this was pretty good. Personally, I found there to be a bit too much kale. It was tasty but I would have preferred less kale. Chloe seemed to think the frittata was okay. She had about half of her piece. To be honest, that’s more than I thought she would eat.

Feel free to comment!

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