Strawberry basil iced tea

A few weeks ago, when I was at the Yellowknife farmers market, I had an iced tea from a vendor that was selling very interesting sounding iced tea. I had a peach rosemary iced tea.

So, I started thinking I could try making my own since I’m no longer in Yellowknife. The combination of strawberry and basil is something I quite enjoy, so I searched that on Pinterest. I found a recipe from Martha Stewart.

The very first thing I did was boil water and steep the tea. I used 4 tea bags and about 7 cups of water. While the tea steeped, I cut up some strawberries and placed them in a large bowl.

Next, I boiled a cup of water with 3/4 cup sugar. I was skeptical of using that much sugar. I ALMOST used 1/2 a cup. And of course, I think the tea is a bit too sweet…!


Once the mixture boiled, I turned the heat off and my helper added the basil.



Once the basil syrup steeps for 10 minutes, the basil is ready to be removed and the mixture is poured over the strawberries.

And finally, the strawberry and syrup mixture is added to the tea.

This tea was quite tasty, although a bit on the sweet side. I think 1/2 cup of sugar would be sufficient next time. The tea was even better after spending a night in the fridge.

My assistant sure enjoyed it!

Feel free to comment!

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