Water play: dishes

Lately I’ve been picking activities that Chloe can do outside. Might as well take advantage of the beautiful weather! For this activity, I filled up a tub with warm water and soap and put it on our deck.

Chloe and I used her shopping cart and found all the plastic dishes for her play kitchen and brought it outside. We put some into the tub and some stayed in the cart until there was room.
I also filled up another tub with cool water for rinsing. And I laid a towel down for the dishes to dry in the sun.

I chose a scrub brush, sponge and wash cloth for us to use. Chloe opted to use the scrub brush only.
I would hold the dish and Chloe would scrub each one. We would put the dish into the rinsing water and then on to the towel to dry.
august 2014 683
At first, I wasn’t sure how much Chloe was enjoying herself. She washed the dishes but didn’t seem too into it. But after we finished, I walked away to do other work outside, and Chloe continued to play in the water. She was using the dishes, pouring water and scrubbing dishes. After that, she moved on to scrubbing parts of the deck and patio furniture. Total, I figure she played with this set up for about 45 minutes. And the only reason she stopped was because I told her it was time to clean up. So I guess you could say she enjoyed herself!

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