A healthy snack I like to give to Chloe is a smoothie. It is a good way to sneak in veggies she would otherwise not eat. Usually, I just find leftover fruits and grab some spinach from our garden. Today, I used a half eaten banana that I had thrown into the freezer, frozen strawberries that Chloe didn’t finish one day and some strawberries. I threw in some plain Greek yogurt, spinach and prune juice. She also had a half eaten packet (the puréed fruits and veggie ones you can get at the grocery store) that I put in. It was squash and pear.

Once it’s all blended up, I usually make Popsicles with it and the rest goes to Chloe.

This is a favorite snack of Chloe’s. And I like it because it’s full of healthy things and I know exactly what is in it.


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