Banana oat cookies

One of the first recipes from Pinterest that I started making on a regular basis was the banana oat cookie. My original pin ended up not working anymore, so I deleted it.
The recipe is actually the easiest recipe ever, though.

Get two ripe bananas. I used ones from the freezer and let them thaw for a few hours.


Add one cup of quick oats to the peeled bananas. Or get your helper to do it!

When I make these I usually add a handful of chocolate chips, but to my shock and surprise I was OUT of chocolate chips. Horrific, I know! So this time I added a handful of Reese chips.


My helper and I took turns mixing everything together.

Then I scooped out each individual cookie. I made them small, but you could make them any size.


During the 14 minute wait in a 350 degree oven, my helper was patiently watching over the cookies.

Finally, the cookies were ready and my helper got to have herself a delicious bedtime snack!


Feel free to comment!

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