Painting outside

Last week it was very nice out. We did a lot of playing in the backyard. But it seemed like Chloe got bored of the usual. She wanted to be outside, but sometimes she didn’t really know what to do.
She really loves painting and I had a few activities in mind to do. For her birthday, she got an easel, so that made it easier to take painting outside. The first activity we did was paint on the easel with water colours.

Chloe thought this was awesome. She quite enjoyed this.

The next activity we did was rock painting. I grabbed a little bucket, gave it to Chloe, and told her we needed to go find some big rocks in our yard.


Of course she went for the huge rocks. I had her pick out 3 rocks and we brought them back to our painting space.

I put paint into washed out yogurt containers, with a paint brush in each.


I let her get to work on the rocks. She painted them all at the same time and not in the way that I was thinking. But that’s ok, because it’s her activity and she can do what she wants.

The plan for these rocks is to hide them out in our yard and go hunting for them. But we haven’t gotten to that yet. Rain followed the nice weather.
These two painting activities were fun, easy and quick. I think Chloe was pretty happy she got to do them.

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