Broccoli quinoa casserole

Once again I’m posting about quinoa. It’s just so versatile, healthy, easy and delicious!
And once again, my recipe comes from damn delicious. I’ve actually subscribed to her blog and want to make most of the recipes. You should check out her page.

Ok, so with this recipe, the first thing you do is cook the quinoa. I cooked mine in homemade veggie broth.

During the last five minutes, you throw the broccoli on top to steam it.

While the quinoa cooks, the chicken is cooked in a pan. One confusing part to this recipe is that they say to cut the chicken into small strips, cook it, let it cool and then cut it into bite sized pieces. I followed the instructions, but next time I’ll cut them bite sized from the beginning.

One of the steps the recipe calls for is to put the panko into a pan and toast it up. I skipped this step. It wasn’t important to me.
The next step is to melt butter in a pan and whisk the flour in.

The cheese, yogurt and milk are whisked in next.

Once everything is melted and mixed until smooth, the quinoa, broccoli and chicken are added and mixed all together. Then you put it all into a greased baking dish, top with cheese and panko and put it into the oven long enough to melt the cheese.

The final product was very tasty. It was a hit with all who had it. I will definitely make this again in the future!

Feel free to comment!

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