Summer activities Pt. 1

Now that summer is finally here, we have been trying to make the most of it. Chloe absolutely loves being outside. Even if she isn’t doing anything.
We’ve been doing some simple things:
1) go to the park


She likes going down the slide and on the swings. She always cleans off the stairs of any rock and debris. I wish she would clean like that home..!

2) balance bike


Chloe is slowly starting to trust the bike. She even let me let go of the bike so she could ride on her own.

3) chalk


We don’t have much in the way of cement in the backyard, so Chloe often colours on the deck and stairs. It washes away so it doesn’t bother me!

4) kiddie pool


Chloe was a bit unsure about sitting down and actually getting wet. Once I convinced her to, I couldn’t get her out! She had a blast going down the slide, playing with toys and splashing around.

There is a lot more to do outside over the summer!


What things do you like to do outside?

Feel free to comment!

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