Vegetable Quinoa Pilaf

This recipe is healthy, simple and used few ingredients. Which is why I selected to make it this week.
We had this as our meal, but it probably would have been good with as a side to a piece of meat.

To make this pilaf, you chop up all the vegetables. The recipe suggested using a food processor, but I opted for using a knife. It didn’t take too long.

Once all the vegetables are all chopped, they are added to a pan with butter and sautéed down for a few minutes.



Next, the broth, quinoa and spices are added.

It is brought to a boil, reduced and let to simmer for 12-15 minutes.

After that, the pilaf is ready to serve! It is so easy to make this!
The original recipe suggested serving either warm or cold, but I preferred warm.

This was a hit at dinner. Chloe ate a full bowl. I was shocked. Most green things she refuses to eat. I tell her the quinoa is rice. It’s easier for her to say and she generally likes rice.

I’m sure I’ll be making this again!

Feel free to comment!

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