White Cake

Well hello everyone my name is Adrienne & today I will be guest blogging on Morgan’s account. Let me start off by introducing myself. I am a 23 year old avid pinner on pinterest, I love cupcakes, makeup, cheerleading, travelling and being kind to others. Like many of us I am still creating my path in life. I am also one of Morgan’s best friends. We met in 2006 when I tried out for the high school cheer team. Morgan happened to be one of the coaches & from then on we became very good friends. We are always there for each other & that’s important in a friendship I’d say.
Today I want to talk about cake. Specifically white cakes, homemade moist white cakes. This is what I had set out for on my most recent pinterest journey. I found a recipe, well I found several recipes actually. The one I chose was . I wanted a simple cake something where I wouldn’t have to rush to the store to grab 9 strange, exotic ingredients I’d never use again. I’m exaggerating but I’m just meaning I wanted a fast simple tasty white cake.
I have made this recipe twice now. Both times I split the recipe in half & made cupcakes. The first time I made them they came out a bit dry & tasted kind of like a cornmeal muffin they weren’t sweet enough for my liking & I may have over mixed the batter or possibly over cooked them. They were pretty fluffy looking though. They were in the oven for 20 minutes the first time & although they weren’t terrible they were kind of just okay. Just okay is not acceptable for an Adrienne cupcake. So I decided to try making them again for Father’s day only this time I made sure to only use the mixer when incorporating the milk and vanilla & only until combined. This second time I created them I doubled the sugar, bad idea. Now they were too sweet, dense & sunk in the middle. The flavour again wasn’t terrible but not my best work. Since I still had to serve these I whipped up some whipping cream added lemon zest & only about a teaspoon of powdered sugar. The cupcakes actually ended up tasting like lemon meringue pie which was kind of cool. However I did not get the fluffy moist white cake I was looking for. I may try this recipe one more time, again cutting it in ½ but using 1 ½ cups of sugar because I think if I can get the sugar balance right I may be in luck for what I’m looking for. Two things I wanted to discuss 1.) They don’t state it in the directions when to add the vanilla, I found it appropriate to add it with the milk. 2.) Most of this recipe you use your hands to mix & fold. I thought that was kind of different. So the verdict, I’m not happy with this recipe as of yet I will be trying it a 3rd time to see the results. I will also be on the hunt and testing out more pinterest white cake recipes.adrienne4
Have you found a white cake recipe on pinterest you love?
How do you feel about incorporating ingredients using your hands?
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