Clothespin painting

I saw an idea on Pinterest for clothespin painting. I clicked the link for the activity but it went to the current day on the blog and not the activity. I tried searching for the activity but my phone wasn’t cooperating. So I decided to just give Chloe the items and see what happens.


I put a painting apron on Chloe to help protect her clothes. I should have rolled up her sleeves though…. Oops!

She was already painting before I could say a word.

It was interesting to see how she painted with the cotton balls. She used it like a paint brush. I would have dabbed, but she didn’t, which was perfectly fine.


Chloe wanted me to try too, so I did my own page while she did hers. I dabbed mine, so she gave it a try too.

But then of course she went back to painting instead of dabbing.

Chloe did 4 paintings during this activity. She loved it. Well, she loves painting to begin with. I should have kept a cloth beside her though. Inevitably, she got paint on her hands and she didn’t like that. She kept asking me for a cloth. That silly girl.


Stay tuned for a guest blog post!

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