Potato ham chowder

The other day it was rainy and cool out. It was the kind of day you want warm, comforting food. I had 2 potatoes left in my pantry, so I searched ‘potato’ in my pins on Pinterest and found a recipe from damn delicious.
It sounded delicious so I had to try it.

The first thing I did was cook up some bacon and put it off to the side.


Then I cooked up the onion and garlic.

Frozen corn and fresh thyme were the next ingredients that went into the pot. Back in late January, Chloe and Matt planted a bunch of herbs inside, so we have a huge thyme plant.

Once the thyme was fragrant, I whisked in the flour.

The recipe then called for the milk to be added slowly and whisked in. I somehow missed that, and dumped it all in and whisked away. It seemed to be fine. The potatoes also went in at this step. I brought the soup to a boil and then reduced it and let it cook for about 15 mins.

The last step was to add the ham. Here is a picture of the soup in a bowl. Unfortunately, I forgot to add the bacon as a garnish until halfway through dinner. I had hid it so it wouldn’t be picked at by anyone. Haha..oops!

I really enjoyed this soup. It was warm, hearty and full of flavor!

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