Salted caramel cheesecake cupcakes

It was Matt’s birthday the other day, so I decided to try a dessert recipe. Salted caramel is one of my obsessions right now so this recipe for salted caramel cheesecake cupcakes caught my eye.
To make them, it took some time because each part needed to be made, cooked and cooled. I did it over two days. But they were sure worth it!

I started with the cookie base. Sugar, graham crumbs and melted butter.



The recipe said to bake the cookie base for 5 minutes, but I took mine out at 4 and a few were burnt. Every oven is different, so make sure to watch closely.

The next step was making the cheesecake part.

I mixed the sugar with the flour. Then I mixed the cream cheese with the sugar mixture.

Next came the 4 eggs, mixed in one at a time.

Once the eggs were mixed in, I added the sour cream, heavy cream and homemade vanilla.

Then I added some cheesecake batter to each cupcake liner. I poured the mixture into a glass measuring cup to make pouring easier.

I baked the cheesecake for 19 minutes. Then I let them cool overnight in the fridge.

Next came the caramel sauce. If you are buying caramel sauce from the store, stop! Homemade caramel is so easy to make and it’s delicious! And it probably has fever ingredients too.

I whisked the sugar and water together until it came to a boil.

I let it boil until it started turning amber, which took longer than I expected. Once it changes colour, the butter goes in and is whisked until melted.

When the butter has melted, it comes off the heat and the heavy cream is added.

After it cools a bit, it’s ready!

I added a fairly generous amount to each cheesecake cupcake.
We had them when my dad was over and our brother-in-law. Everyone seemed to enjoy the cheesecake cupcakes. I know I did!


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