Fine motor skills

For our trip, I decided to make a felt and button fine motor activity. It was really easy to make, and I found felt of all different colours at the dollar store.
I cut the felt into squares, of unfortunately not all the same size. I cut a small slit into each piece. Then I hand stitched one piece of felt to a ribbon. On the other end of the ribbon, I stitched a large button.

I didn’t end up pulling out this activity on our trip, so I decided to try it today. I was a bit concerned this was too difficult of an activity for Chloe.

As soon as I pulled this out, Chloe was trying to get it from me.


When we first started playing with it, I showed Chloe what to do. She gave it a quick try, got frustrated and quit. She decided to play with the felt pieces for a bit, while I continued to put the button through felt pieces. She did watch me while she played and came back for another try. I tried putting my hands on hers and guiding her through. That helped a bit.
What worked best was giving her the button end, while I held the felt for her.

I was pretty happy with the results considering Chloe is not quite two. And the fact that this was her first time with this activity.

Feel free to comment!

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