Fire starter

A simple homemade fire starter idea from over the big moon caught my eye a while back. It uses 3 simple things you would have around the house: dryer lint, toilet paper rolls and news paper.

I figured I would make some as we will be camping this summer. On our last night of our trip, we decided to camp. My chance to use the fire starter I made!



Matt is usually in charge of the fire. So he kindly put my roll into his set up and let me light it.

I figured my roll would catch fire right away. Turns out that wasn’t the case. I lit it with a match. The paper caught fire but went out before catching the cardboard or lint on fire. I tried a few matches before it took and then we also lit some other parts of the wood to get the fire going.

Eventually, we got a nice fire going. Matt said the next time I make the fire starter, to try using black and white news print as it burns better than colour ink. I don’t think I’ll bother making any next time.

Feel free to comment!

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