Vancouver aquarium

So, I’ve been on holidays and haven’t written anything for a few days. We’ve been doing a lot and visiting a lot of people.
One of the places we visited was the Vancouver Aquarium. We were really excited to take Chloe there. She loves animals and fish etc.
Also, when Chloe was a baby, the only thing that would or could calm her down was the song Baby Beluga by Raffi.
So, we were pretty excited to take her to see the beluga whales as well. (That song doesn’t work anymore, by the way. But it has over 1400 plays on my phone alone).
We decided to go to the aquarium on Sunday. Maybe that was a mistake. We went around 3pm and it closes at 5 so we didn’t think it would be too bad. But it was so busy! It didn’t help that it was rainy that day, either.

The first part of the aquarium we checked out, was the jelly fish.



Chloe thought the jellyfish were awesome. She kept telling us every time we passed some. “Mommy, daddy, jellyfish!”

Chloe also loved pointing at the fish, but she was a bit skeptical of the larger fish when she was up close.
She really was just happy looking at everything there. She was amazed by it all.



For us, the belugas were the big highlight. We watched them from below.


Then, we spent 15 minutes outside in the pouring rain, watching them from above.


And of course, being the tourists we are, we bought Chloe a bunch of beluga souvenirs.

We got her beluga:
Stuffed animal
And a cup.
We also purchased a penguin umbrella since she also loves penguins.
It was not a cheap day…but it was well worth it!

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