Traveling with toddlers: entertainment

For our long roadtrip, I decided to put together several items for entertainment for Chloe. She is almost 2 so I find that a lot of things are either too young or too old for her.
Here are some of the things I assembled:





We are fortunate enough to have a DVD player in our truck, so we brought along a bunch of movies, knowing this would end up being a huge part of Chloe’s entertainment.
I purchased some books from garage sales, and a couple from the bookstore in hopes that the novelty would last a little while. I also threw in some old favorites. Bedtime books were kept in Chloe’s suitcase, apart from the car books. During part of our trip, I sat in the back and read books with Chloe. Matt also took a turn in the back, reading books to her.

On Pinterest, I saw an idea for bringing a baking tray and magnets. I figured this was a worthwhile idea to try. In all honesty, Chloe was a bit too young for this one. We played together for probably 5-10 minutes out of our 12 hr drive so far. At first, I handed her one magnet at a time. Then she would place it on the tray. Sometimes I’d ask the colour and get a response.

Then I tried sorting into colour groups. Chloe kept this up for a few magnets. Then took all the magnets off and handed them back to me, announcing that she was all done.

Other activities I tried were a colouring book and a pompom container. Normally, Chloe loves colouring. Or ripping the paper off the crayons. Whichever. Anyway, I brought the crayons that have already been stripped of their paper. Chloe didn’t seem to interested. It lasted 5 minutes, tops.
The pompom container was a recycled cream cheese container with two holes in the top that Chloe could push pompoms through. At home, she can’t wait to play with pompoms. This lasted maybe 2 minutes in the car….

One activity that went well was playing with stickers. Once again, I was in the back with Chloe. I’d let her point to a sticker, I’d peel it off and then she’d stick it on the paper. She loved this.


We have only done one part of our trip, so I have more time to try things again or try new things.

The two most entertaining things on the highway were 1) movies 2) snacks.
In the cities, Chloe happily looked out the window and pointed out every single bus and truck. So that kept her busy.

Do you have any suggestions for things for a toddler to do on long drives?

One thought on “Traveling with toddlers: entertainment

  1. I love the cookie sheet idea, how creative!! We go on a lot of road trips so I am always looking for new entertainment ideas! 🙂

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