Sandwich rollups

This is a super quick post about making sandwiches interesting to kids. I saw an idea for rolling up a piece of bread to make it look like sushi. I figured this would be a neat idea to try with Chloe for our road trip.

Chloe has not always been a sandwich girl. It took a long time to convince her to eat toast. Now she loves pb and j on toast. But she makes a huge mess.

I was kind of skeptical of this idea because food with Chloe is so hit and miss. I only made one. And I kicked myself for it later. She inhaled it.

I took a piece of flax seed bread and cut the crusts off.

I put the natural peanut butter on and then the jam.

I didn’t think I put much jam on, but when I rolled it up, I had to wipe excess jam away.

I secured the sandwich rollup with a toothpick until I gave it to Chloe.

It was surprising how much she liked this idea. Maybe just because it was novel. But who cares! She ate her dinner. That’s all I care about.

Feel free to comment!

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