Traveling with toddlers: snacks

A long road trip with an almost 2 year old. Hmmm.. Sounds terrifying. I did a lot of planning and prep in hopes to keep her happy, full and feeling good.

I went to the grocery store and bought some unhealthy snacks but also lots of healthy ones.

I decided to have a large snack bag in the back that could be reached from the front or back.

Some of the items in the bag were:
Fruit/vegetable packets
Fruit cup
Granola bar
Mini crackers with peanut butter
Apple sauce
Mandarin oranges
Strawberry muffins (see post from May 22)

I also had a cooler full of good food for the three of us. I had:
Celery with peanut butter
Carrots and ranch
Buns and sandwich meat
Pb and j for Chloe
Pepperoni sticks


I got the idea for the jars from cool mom picks
I was kind of excited about those jars, thinking they were a good idea. But I forgot about them, at least on the way to our destination (12 hrs of driving, spread over 2 days).

I packed so many snacks. Which was a good thing because Chloe ate most of the time. But it was also annoying because we were tempted to eat out a few times, which is to be expected, but we still had all this food…

We’ll see what happens. We are still at the first part of our 10 day trip.

What are your go to snack ideas for toddlers on road trips?

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