Strawberry muffins

While planning snacks for our road trip, I realized I had a bunch of strawberries and a yummy looking strawberry muffin recipe. I figured they would be a good breakfast item for our trip.

First, I cut up the strawberries and got all the dry ingredients into one bowl.

My little helper and I took turns mixing the dry ingredients.

Next, we put the butter and sugar into the mixer. Chloe helped add sugar….it was a bit messy.

The egg and vanilla were next.

The recipe said to leave the strawberries for 15 minutes and then to add them to the flour and coat them with the mixture.


Finally, we added the dry ingredients to the wet and folded it all together. I used two spoons to scoop the batter into the muffin tins. Chloe was itching to get the spoon to lick off the extra batter.


The muffins baked for 17 minutes. In the meantime, Chloe got her spoon and was getting impatient for a muffin!



Here is the end result. These were so yummy! They will make a great snack or breakfast on our trip!


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