One day I was cleaning out a scrap booking box and found a bag of buttons. Chloe stole it immediately and started playing with the buttons. Since then, I’ve kept them in my ‘Chloe craft/play cupboard’ and I pull them out every once in a while for her to play with. She loves them! When she first started sorting and labeling colours, she was playing with her buttons.
Note: make sure this is a supervised activity, especially if your child likes to stick things in their mouth. Mine doesn’t, and has never put a button in her mouth, but it doesn’t mean she won’t…

I decided to try putting the buttons in a bin yesterday, since Chloe often takes them all over the main level of our house. I also put in some little plastic cups and a paper towel tube to spark some creativity. When Chloe normally plays with buttons, she makes a mess of my house trying to find containers to put buttons in, so this time I saved her the trouble!
Chloe didn’t want that paper towel tube in this bin. She kept taking it out. I tried pouring buttons through it but she wasn’t interested. We played together for a bit and then I just stepped back and let her play for a while. She probably played for a solid hour.

When we played together, we did some colour sorting and identification of colours.

Chloe kept asking for the buttons the rest of the day. I gave her the bin a couple more times throughout the day. It’s such a great quiet activity!

Oh, and I didn’t find this idea on Pinterest. But I used to sensory bin idea I found on Pinterest to create a button sensory bin.

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