Pipe cleaner fun!

I saw an idea on Pinterest for using pipe cleaners and showing your toddler how to stick them through a colander. I found the idea from sweet happy life

So, I bought some pipe cleaner from the dollar store and put a colander on the floor. Chloe was instantly curious and wanting to get her hands on the pipe cleaners. She was sick with the stomach flu but was feeling better after a nap.
Once I showed her what to do, she was off!

I tried talking to her about the colours of the pipe cleaners. She told me a few of the colours, but then quit talking because she was too absorbed in what she was doing.

Chloe played with this for a while, pulled the pipe cleaners out an redid it. She was starting not to feel well at the end, so she laid down so she could keep playing.

This was a successful activity that my daughter loved. It was the first time she saw pipe cleaners so she thought they were pretty neat. I plan on doing this activity with her more in the future and do colour identifying activities with her.

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