Bacon and Leek Risotto

This recipe sounded amazing to me. I had to try it. Plus, I had a leek left over from last week and bacon was on sale this week. Bonus!

Click here for the original recipe.

This recipe said it serves 8, and after skimming through the ingredient list, I realized I would need to cut the recipe in half. It called for 4 leeks and I only had 1.

The first thing I did was cut up my shallot, leek and thyme.


Then I cooked the bacon and set it aside. The recipe called for you to add oil to the pan at this point. I ignored that, poured out some of the bacon fat, and used the rest in place of the oil. I cooked up the leeks, shallot, thyme and garlic. Then I added the arborio rice.

I started adding the liquid slowly. This is the part of the recipe that takes the longest. Stir, add liquid, stir, add liquid. And so on until all the liquid is added.

After that, the last couple of ingredients are thrown in and the risotto is taken off heat.

The only ingredient I didn’t reduce from the original recipe was the bacon. I crumbled up 4 strips of cooked bacon into the risotto. Why not?!

This was a delicious side with our dinner.

And in typical me fashion, this was not a difficult dish to make!

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