Sensory bin

Chloe really seems to be into the sensory bins I’ve been making. I made another trip to the dollar store and got some more glass stones and some little animal figurines. I decided to make a sensory bin with the glass stones, little frogs, a little lizard, some seashells and some rocks. My inspiration was from my small potatoes , yet again. If you haven’t checked out their website, you really should. So many great things there!

This bin was kind of supposed to represent earth. There were green and blue stones as the land and water, although they were all mixed up. I figured it didn’t really matter because Chloe is too young to really pretend with the bins I make for her. She enjoys playing with the stones and rocks, transferring them into other buckets and bowls that she digs out of the cupboard.
When I made this bin, I had my friend Shannon over with her daughter, Kira. Kira is 9 days younger than Chloe.

The girls both took out pieces from the bin and played with them. They seemed to enjoy it for a while.

22 months old is a bit young to know how to share. So there were some complications there. Both Shannon and I sat with the girls, trying to keep the peace.

Overall, they seemed to have fun. Chloe played for a long time, transferring the pieces from one container to another. Kira liked the novelty of the new items and did some transferring of pieces to a bowl as well.

Bins are a fun activity to do with young children. I like to keep novelty items that Chloe hasn’t played with much or has even seen at all. It seems to keep her interested longer, and it makes the bin seem special.

Feel free to comment!

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