Colour Hunt

In the past month and a bit, we have done a lot of discussion with Chloe about colours. When we are out in the truck, we talk about the colours of vehicles that we see. We talk about the colours of things in the books we read, the crayons we colour with and the blocks we build with. She is starting to get fairly accurate with a few colours now. Others, we still have a ways to go.

I saw an idea on Pinterest for a alphabet museum from a parent website and I really wanted to try it. Chloe is too young for that activity, but I figured I could use the same idea for colours. A colour museum.


I decided that each time we went on a colour hunt, we would focus on one specific colour and it would be the colour of the day.

We started with blue since that is the one that Chloe knows best. I placed a few blue items around the main level of our house. There were a few items like the glass stones or the little frog that Chloe has never played with before, so I knew she would notice them right away.


Once I explained and showed her what we were doing, she got excited to look around. She was especially excited about the new pieces she would get to play with.


With her crayons, I pointed to them and asked Chloe if there were any blue crayons. She grabbed two blue ones and put them into our blue box right away.


We found the items I had placed, plus we found some small toys that were blue as well. Then I let Chloe investigate the items she collected.



Among the items we collected, there was a strip of blue paper. I decided to keep the activity going by finding blue stickers and making a “blue book”.

Chloe loves stickers so she was really excited about this. I had her look at a page of stickers and point to the blue ones. Then I’d peel them off and let her stick them wherever on the paper.


As I was putting the stickers away, I noticed some balloons at the back of my cupboard, and one happened to be blue. I blew it up for Chloe and she played with it for a while and then included a bunch of the other blue items.


My plan is to set out some new items to collect tomorrow that are blue. I figure I’ll spend 2-3 days on each colour. Should be lots of fun!
I still need to find a good place to display the “museum” though…

Feel free to comment!

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