Creamy tomato and spinach penne

Last week, I looked in fridge and realized I had some spinach that needed to be eaten. I checked my recipes on Pinterest and found the pin for this penne dish. Chloe loves noodles so I figured this would be a good lunch for us both.
The first thing I did was prep my ingredients.

I followed all the steps until it said to add tomato paste and some water. I didn’t have tomato paste, but it required such a small amount that I figured it wouldn’t make a big deal. Spoiler alert- it didn’t make a difference in my opinion.
I added the cream cheese and then realized the recipe said to whisk the cream cheese in. That was a bit hard to do because the pan isn’t that deep. It made a little bit of a mess, despite my attempts at being careful.

I finally gave up whisking, even though there was still some very small pieces of cream cheese. I’m sure you can hardly notice.

The next step was to add the spinach. I just guessed at how much to put in.

After a few minutes and a little bit of stirring, this is what it looked like

Once my penne was done cooking and drained, I added it in and stirred it all up.

All that was left was to let the little food critic try it.

I’d say this was a success! My tomato hater ate diced tomatoes and pieces of spinach hidden between two pieces of penne. Ha. Sucker!

This recipe was simple and easy. Perfect for a weekday lunch!

One thought on “Creamy tomato and spinach penne

  1. A smart way to trick Chloe into healthy eating!
    I wish someone did that for me when I was young.
    Putting sugar on tomatoes was the only trick they tried. Not very efficient (or healthy) as I didn’t like them sweetened either.

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