Barnyard bin

I tried making another sensory bin yesterday. A barnyard bin inspired by my small potatoes.
Chloe could not wait to get her hands in this bin.

I used split peas on the bottom. Of all things I put in this bin, those split peas were Chloe’s favourite.

The bin also included some little people animals, barnyard animals from dollarama and some other pieces from little people. With the set up, I also put a barn and a tractor and trailer beside the bin.
All Chloe did with the animals was lay them down in the peas and pretend they were sleeping. She would put them under the hay and say they were sleeping. “Cat, sleeping,” etc.

She tried to put every small animal together under the hay. It was kind of funny…

I figured the animals would grow old, quick. So I brought out some cup measures, table spoons and a funnel. This occupied Chloe for a solid hour. And if you are wondering about the mess, yes, there was a pretty big mess of split peas on my floor. I have a cleanup song that I sing and Chloe helps me pick up, so we just did that after. She absolutely loved playing with the cups and spoons.

I love activities that turn into more than one activity. This was a really fun and easy bin, for both me and Chloe.
She’ll probably play with this for the rest of the week!

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