Brighten up your water!

I’ve decided to try two different ideas from Pinterest and blogilates

While on Pinterest the other day, I saw a pin for putting a small wildflower into an ice cube
I’ve had a jar of edible flowers for quite a while, so I figured I’d try those instead of a wildflower.

I put some of the edible flowers into each spot in the tray and then filled it up with water and put them in the freezer.

Once they were ready, I took them out and put 4 cubes into a mason jar and then filled it up with water. I put a cupcake liner on top and put the lid on the jar. My last touch was the purple and white paper straw that I put through the cupcake liner. I got this idea here



I hate to say that although this made for a pretty drink, I didn’t enjoy it that much. 4 ice cubes was way too many. My water tasted like a bouquet of flowers. Far too strong.
I still do like the idea of this though. I think I might try putting a single ice cube in a sweet, most likely alcoholic drink in the future.

The other water variation I’ve been having, and actually enjoying, is the blogilates detox water
I’ve been drinking this the past few days. It’s helping me fulfill my goal of drinking more water.

For this one, I sliced up some orange, lemon, and cucumber. Then threw in some mint leaves with the water and ice.

I do find that the orange is out powered by the lemon and cucumber, but overall it’s a refreshing drink. I plan on trying blogilates other water recipes soon, so stay tuned!

Check out my other drink recipes on my drink board

What ways do you brighten up your water?

Feel free to comment!

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