Cheerio stack

On Friday, I had my daughter pick an activity paper from our jar (see last blog post for information about the activity jar). She pulled out Cheerio stack. I found this activity on Pinterest, but the link only leads to a picture – although it does have a blog name at the bottom of the picture.
The purpose is to practice fine motor skills. You take playdough and make a small pancake shape and put it in the middle of a plate. Stick a few skewers in the playdough. I had to use toothpicks because my skewers were too thick. Then place Cheerios around your playdough. My daughter lucked out since we only had honey nut Cheerios. I showed my daughter how to put a Cheerio on the tooth pick. And away she went.

For every few Cheerios that went on the tooth pick, one disappeared into her mouth. Then, once we got the tooth picks full, all of the leftover Cheerios started to disappear.



She also found it fun to take the Cheerios off the tooth picks and eat those as well. When they were gone, she asked for more and we went over to her table to play with the play dough.

Interestingly enough, she made a replica of the activity and started putting her snack Cheerios on the tooth picks, all on her own.

This activity was lots of fun and it turned into a few separate activities.
We played with the play dough for probably 20 minutes after. She was a happy little girl, with a tummy full of Cheerios.

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