Spring bin


Alright. Now for some actual ideas from Pinterest.
Recently, I decided I needed to do more activities at home with my daughter. I had all of these sensory bins, bottles and crafts in my Learning at Home board. So, I went through my pins and wrote down the ideas on individual pieces of construction paper.

The activities I still needed items for, I put aside. The rest I put in a small jar. The concept being that each day my daughter could pick, at random, one activity (or more) to do. The other ideas I would keep out until I acquired all necessary pieces.

Last week, I decided to shop for some Easter grass since it would be in the clearance section. I found bags for $0.50 each at target. It was plastic grass, but not staticky. So, I bought 3 bags in 3 different colours.
When I got home, I made a spring bin inspired by small potatoes


I added a few more small stuffed bunnies to the bin afterwards.
My daughter is a bit young to play with this in the same way as they did on small potatoes, but she did enjoy opening the plastic Easter eggs, and digging through the grass. We had it out for a couple days for her to play with.


Check out my other pins on my Learning at Home board

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