Pins in real life

When I decided to start applying pins to my real life, I felt a bit overwhelmed. I knew I wanted to start with my recipe board because food was an area I wanted to work on in my life. My husband and I would try to meal plan, but we weren’t great at it.
When I opened up my recipe board, scrolling through a few hundred recipes was a nightmare. So, I simplified.
I created new boards: healthy food, desserts, soups, and drinks. I also kept the original recipe board. I went through and organized everything into these boards. What a difference that made!
For yourself, think what’s important to you. Are you wanting to find healthy meals? Are you looking for freezer meal ideas? Start with making boards that you can organize your larger board into.

After I organized my pins, searching for things was a lot easier. If I was looking for a healthy meal, I’d look in my healthy board and check out some of the recipes. One of the things about me is that I don’t like long, complicated recipes. I need meals that are relatively easy to make and that don’t have ridiculously long ingredient lists. Life’s hard enough with a kid under 2, why make it harder?!
If something was too complicated, I’d either delete it outright, or just leave it but not make it. Recipes I liked, I would write down on a short list.
Meal planning became easier. The winning recipes would get added to my meal board on days they would work best. (The rest, I’d fill in with old favorites)
Next, I write up my shopping list specific to my Pinterest recipes. I usually only make 1-3 recipes a week from Pinterest, so the list isn’t too long.
So far, my family seems to enjoy the meals I’ve made. And the best part is that we’ve been able to sneak more and more healthy food into our meals and still feel completely satisfied.

Feel free to comment!

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