The many uses for Pinterest

Most people my age have a Pinterest account. And if they don’t, they’ve at least heard about it. For some, it has become a habit worse than Facebook.
Personally, I love Pinterest. I find it a great escape, looking at pictures of things I’d want for my daughter, myself, my house, my future babies, my dinner, my wardrobe. You get it.

On Pinterest, I don’t need to scroll past images I really don’t want to see, or read about someone’s feelings throughout the whole day.
What I do wonder about Pinterest though, is how many people utilize their boards and what they actually pin? I’ve seen people with over 50 000 pins. Seriously. I’m not certain what the point of that is.
I don’t think most people have quite 50 000 pins. I’d say I’m a somewhat frequent pinner, and I have around 2500 pins. That’s still a lot!
I think most people pin things with the intention of applying that pin to their life (this does not apply to everything as some boards are more for showing off or for funny things that make you smile). I then think that people forget what they pinned and keep pinning new things.

For myself, I realized a while back that this is what I was doing. I decided then, that I would try to utilize Pinterest to help me live a better life. And honestly, I think it has made a huge difference.

I will be blogging things I have found on Pinterest, whether it be a recipe I tried, an activity I did with my daughter, a fitness routine I tried or an idea I’ve put to use in my house.

Feel free to comment!

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