Honey sriracha glazed chicken

For dinner tonight, we tried honey sriracha glazed chicken. I bought a bottle of sriracha last week for the first time because I’ve heard so many people talk about it. On Pinterest, I just typed sriracha in and it came up with a bunch of different pins, most being recipes. This recipe sounded delicious.

After I prepped my ingredients, I took my wok out (and dusted it off!), heated it up, put some oil in and started cooking the chicken.

The recipe called for a bag of frozen veggies, but I like my veggies fresh, for the most part. I added carrots, red pepper and green pepper. The only frozen veggie I added was green beans, since my daughter loves them.

The sauce called for 1/4 cup sriracha, which seemed like a lot to me. A note in the recipe said that if it was too spicy, you could add more teriyaki sauce, but of course I had just enough teriyaki for the recipe… So with that being said, I added less sriracha.


The final product was pretty tasty but a bit too spicy. My husbands suggestion was that the sriracha should be on the side. That way each person can control how much or little they want. Noted.

What did you have for dinner?

Brighten up your water!

I’ve decided to try two different ideas from Pinterest and blogilates

While on Pinterest the other day, I saw a pin for putting a small wildflower into an ice cube
I’ve had a jar of edible flowers for quite a while, so I figured I’d try those instead of a wildflower.

I put some of the edible flowers into each spot in the tray and then filled it up with water and put them in the freezer.

Once they were ready, I took them out and put 4 cubes into a mason jar and then filled it up with water. I put a cupcake liner on top and put the lid on the jar. My last touch was the purple and white paper straw that I put through the cupcake liner. I got this idea here



I hate to say that although this made for a pretty drink, I didn’t enjoy it that much. 4 ice cubes was way too many. My water tasted like a bouquet of flowers. Far too strong.
I still do like the idea of this though. I think I might try putting a single ice cube in a sweet, most likely alcoholic drink in the future.

The other water variation I’ve been having, and actually enjoying, is the blogilates detox water
I’ve been drinking this the past few days. It’s helping me fulfill my goal of drinking more water.

For this one, I sliced up some orange, lemon, and cucumber. Then threw in some mint leaves with the water and ice.

I do find that the orange is out powered by the lemon and cucumber, but overall it’s a refreshing drink. I plan on trying blogilates other water recipes soon, so stay tuned!

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What ways do you brighten up your water?

Cheerio stack

On Friday, I had my daughter pick an activity paper from our jar (see last blog post for information about the activity jar). She pulled out Cheerio stack. I found this activity on Pinterest, but the link only leads to a picture – although it does have a blog name at the bottom of the picture.
The purpose is to practice fine motor skills. You take playdough and make a small pancake shape and put it in the middle of a plate. Stick a few skewers in the playdough. I had to use toothpicks because my skewers were too thick. Then place Cheerios around your playdough. My daughter lucked out since we only had honey nut Cheerios. I showed my daughter how to put a Cheerio on the tooth pick. And away she went.

For every few Cheerios that went on the tooth pick, one disappeared into her mouth. Then, once we got the tooth picks full, all of the leftover Cheerios started to disappear.



She also found it fun to take the Cheerios off the tooth picks and eat those as well. When they were gone, she asked for more and we went over to her table to play with the play dough.

Interestingly enough, she made a replica of the activity and started putting her snack Cheerios on the tooth picks, all on her own.

This activity was lots of fun and it turned into a few separate activities.
We played with the play dough for probably 20 minutes after. She was a happy little girl, with a tummy full of Cheerios.

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Spring bin


Alright. Now for some actual ideas from Pinterest.
Recently, I decided I needed to do more activities at home with my daughter. I had all of these sensory bins, bottles and crafts in my Learning at Home board. So, I went through my pins and wrote down the ideas on individual pieces of construction paper.

The activities I still needed items for, I put aside. The rest I put in a small jar. The concept being that each day my daughter could pick, at random, one activity (or more) to do. The other ideas I would keep out until I acquired all necessary pieces.

Last week, I decided to shop for some Easter grass since it would be in the clearance section. I found bags for $0.50 each at target. It was plastic grass, but not staticky. So, I bought 3 bags in 3 different colours.
When I got home, I made a spring bin inspired by small potatoes


I added a few more small stuffed bunnies to the bin afterwards.
My daughter is a bit young to play with this in the same way as they did on small potatoes, but she did enjoy opening the plastic Easter eggs, and digging through the grass. We had it out for a couple days for her to play with.


Check out my other pins on my Learning at Home board

Pins in real life

When I decided to start applying pins to my real life, I felt a bit overwhelmed. I knew I wanted to start with my recipe board because food was an area I wanted to work on in my life. My husband and I would try to meal plan, but we weren’t great at it.
When I opened up my recipe board, scrolling through a few hundred recipes was a nightmare. So, I simplified.
I created new boards: healthy food, desserts, soups, and drinks. I also kept the original recipe board. I went through and organized everything into these boards. What a difference that made!
For yourself, think what’s important to you. Are you wanting to find healthy meals? Are you looking for freezer meal ideas? Start with making boards that you can organize your larger board into.

After I organized my pins, searching for things was a lot easier. If I was looking for a healthy meal, I’d look in my healthy board and check out some of the recipes. One of the things about me is that I don’t like long, complicated recipes. I need meals that are relatively easy to make and that don’t have ridiculously long ingredient lists. Life’s hard enough with a kid under 2, why make it harder?!
If something was too complicated, I’d either delete it outright, or just leave it but not make it. Recipes I liked, I would write down on a short list.
Meal planning became easier. The winning recipes would get added to my meal board on days they would work best. (The rest, I’d fill in with old favorites)
Next, I write up my shopping list specific to my Pinterest recipes. I usually only make 1-3 recipes a week from Pinterest, so the list isn’t too long.
So far, my family seems to enjoy the meals I’ve made. And the best part is that we’ve been able to sneak more and more healthy food into our meals and still feel completely satisfied.

The many uses for Pinterest

Most people my age have a Pinterest account. And if they don’t, they’ve at least heard about it. For some, it has become a habit worse than Facebook.
Personally, I love Pinterest. I find it a great escape, looking at pictures of things I’d want for my daughter, myself, my house, my future babies, my dinner, my wardrobe. You get it.

On Pinterest, I don’t need to scroll past images I really don’t want to see, or read about someone’s feelings throughout the whole day.
What I do wonder about Pinterest though, is how many people utilize their boards and what they actually pin? I’ve seen people with over 50 000 pins. Seriously. I’m not certain what the point of that is.
I don’t think most people have quite 50 000 pins. I’d say I’m a somewhat frequent pinner, and I have around 2500 pins. That’s still a lot!
I think most people pin things with the intention of applying that pin to their life (this does not apply to everything as some boards are more for showing off or for funny things that make you smile). I then think that people forget what they pinned and keep pinning new things.

For myself, I realized a while back that this is what I was doing. I decided then, that I would try to utilize Pinterest to help me live a better life. And honestly, I think it has made a huge difference.

I will be blogging things I have found on Pinterest, whether it be a recipe I tried, an activity I did with my daughter, a fitness routine I tried or an idea I’ve put to use in my house.